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Ham Maritime Mobile Nets

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Time (UTC) Freq (MHz) Name Days Area Notes Contact


Ham Radio HF Emergency Net Frequencies (USB or LSB as appropriate)

Name / Description Freq (kHz)
Antigua / Antilles3815.0, 7165.0
Antilles Net3818
Southern Louisiana7245
Baja California7235
Caribus Net14283.0 +/-
Caribbean Emergency14185
Caribbean Maritime Mobile7115.0 (1200Z)
Caribbean WX3808.0 (1030Z)
California WX3948.0 (1400Z)
Gulf Coast Central Hurricane3935.0, 7245.0
Gulf Coast Western Hurricane3845.0, 7260.0
Gulf Coast (outgoing only)3967.0, 7283.0
Gulf Coast WX3995.0, 7290.0
Gulf Coast Health and Welfare3993.5, 7264.0
Hurricane Watch Net (Nat. Hurr. Center)14325
Interamericas Health and Welfare21390
Inter-Island 75 meter (24 hr watch)3815
Inter-Island 40 meter (24 hr watch)7165
Lake Charles, LA3993.5, 7264.0
Louisiana14340.0 (1900Z)
Mexican National3987.5
Mississippi ARES3923.0, 3910.0
North Carolina3915
Red Cross (IARN)14275
South Carolina Emergency Net3915.0, 7232.0, 7243.0
South Texas Emergency3955
Texas Emergency7240.0, 7250.0
Texas Traffic / Health and Welfare3691.0, 7290.0 (day), 3910.0 (night)
Transatlantic Maritime Mobile21400


Marine HF Maritime Mobile Nets (all USB)

Time (UTC) Freq
Name Days Area Control
000016.534WX QuestionsNPAC, SPACwx
01454.054Southbound NetDBaja, CAMark Schneider, S/V SolMate WDE2635, KI6UPS,
05008.188Puddle Jumpers Eastern FleetDATL, CARwx
1000-12006.215Eastern Caribbean NetECARuncontrolled
140013.55Chat NetD
14158.122Amigo Net
153012.359WX Questionswx
154516.534WX QuestionsNATL, NPAC, SPACwx. Alternate frequencies: 18.840, 22.165, 25.115
0800 Local6.209 +/-3kHzNorthwest Caribbean NetDMM
18308.188Puddle Jumpers Western FleetDPAC, EPAC, CARwx
192012.359Weather Check-InDCAR, ATL, EPAC
2000-230012.359Southbound IIDCAR, ATL, EPAC
23004.033 / 4.045Gossip NetD
234512.359WX Questions



ATL - Atlantic, AUS - Australia, Baja - Baja California, CA - Central America, CAR - Caribbean, D - Daily, EC - East Coast, ECAR - Eastern Caribbean, EPAC - Eastern Pacific, GC - Gulf Coast, GL - Great Lakes, IOC - Indian Ocean, MED - Mediterranean, MM - Maritime Mobile, NA - North America, NATL - North Atlantic, NZ - New Zealand, PAC - Pacific, PR - Puerto Rico, rc - roll call, SA - South America, SATL - South Atlantic, SEA - Southeast Asia, soc - socializing, SPAC - South Pacific, tfc - traffic, VI - Virgin Islands, WC - West Coast, WU - Warmup session, check-in, wx - weather

Special thanks for information and corrections submitted by:

Tom VE3II, Assistant Net Manager, Maritime Mobile Service Network
Bill G4FRN, Net Control, UK Maritime Mobile Net
Charles VE3CFL, Mississarga Maritime Net
Jack WA4PVZ, Pacific Maritime Mobile Service Net
Steve, G4MJW, UK Maritime Mobile Net
Jean Schwarzkopf, N5LNC, Chubasco Net
Christopher B. Kubelick, HHH Net

Data last updated July 5, 2016

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July 5, 2016
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